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    The game's dazzling pixels, for your old-school enjoyment.
    New Blocked Terrain Icons!
    Added on 02/02/2008
    I finally did something I've been meaning to do for the longest time: now all the terrain types have different "blocked square" icons! The forest still has the traditional pond   but now the desert has its oasis   the plains have a watering hole hidden amongst the high grass   the mountains are blocked by a raging volcano   and the swamp contains a spooky old dead tree
    Add Multiple Flairs!
    Added on 04/02/2007
    You've been able to choose a Flair to start with for a while, but now you can choose a second after travelling 10 Countries, and a third after travelling 100 Countries.

    You can pick out your additional Flairs by clicking the Your Profile link while playing.
    Now with Extra Blood!
    Added on 03/28/2007
    Now when you hit enemies or they hit you, it shows a brief burst of animated blood over your picture or theirs. The more damage, the more blood.