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  • Skills!(Category: Game Mechanics)
    Added on 05/15/2007

    There are now 9 Skills available to players:
    Parry, Thrust, Escape, Ambush, Brutality, Tirelessness, Wariness, Carouse, & Meditate.
    Each skill is automatically rolled for in a certain circumstance; the skills' purpose is described on the Skills Tab.

    You start with a 0% chance of using any of them, and can increase this chance with Skill Points (SkP) you get by Leveling Up. Every time you increase your level, you get a certain amount of skill points (1 point for levels 1-5, 2 points for levels 6-10, etc). You can use these points to increase your Percent Chance of using these skills. The cost of Skill Percentages increases; buying 1% to 5% costs 1 SkP each; increasing a skill to 6% to 10% costs 2 SkP each, etc.

    If you want, you can eventually increase a skill over 100%; you automatically succeed, but then have a % chance of succeeding twice equal to your Skill - 100 (i.e., if you have 150% in a skill, you have one automatic success, and a 50% chance of a second success). For each additional success, the skill's fractional bonus is increased by half. For example, a skill that normally increases something by 10% will increase it by 15% with two successes, 17.5% with 3 successes, etc.

    When you successfully use a skill, you'll see a small link with the first two letters of that skill; if you want more details on the skill's effect, click the link.