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  • WizardGuy
    Greetings, WyvernBoy or WyvernGirl!

    I am WizardGuy, and I have summoned you for a very important quest. The world of Gyraea has fallen on dark times: people hide in their towns while monsters stalk the wilderness--lead by mighty Wyverns, as powerful as they are evil. Only you can Quest against the Wyverns!

    How to Quest

    You must fight the monsters in your country of Gyraeallan. You can gather their ill-gotten gold to buy the weapons and armor produced by the townspeople. This will increase your Offense and Defense power, so you'll be strong enough to venture forth into other countries, defeating their monsters and buying more weapons and armor. As you go further and further from Gyraeallan, you will find stronger and stronger monsters.

    As you fight monsters, you also become more experienced. After enough experience, your Experience Level will go up, increasing your Hitpoints, allowing you to take more punishment before succumbing to your wounds.

    Help for the Weary

    If you are hurt, you can stop by towns. There's always a healer who is able to mend your injuries, but the time you take to rest will reduce your experience. Alternately, you can spend your hard-earned gold on a quick meal to make you feel better. If you're too far from town (or short on resources), you can also rough it and set up camp in the wilderness. This will rejuvenate you without costing either experience or gold, but puts you at risk of being ambushed--and the monster might hurt you before you're fully awake!

    However, if you are overcome by monsters, never fear! I will restore you, returning you to the last town you have visited. Unfortunately though, the vile strength of the Wyverns is very great, and they will steal half of your gold and experience as I magically revive you.

    Note: When you need to leave your quest behind for the day [by pressing the "logout" link], half your unspent Gold and Experience dissipates; you'll have to gather it again next time!

    About the Wyverns

    The Wyverns are more powerful than the average monsters. Unlucky are the countries that have attracted their attentions! These diabolical fiends spend their time working malevolent magics and planning works of great evil in their castle lairs. They have each stolen a magical weapon or armor from the townspeople of the country they have chosen to terrorize, and jealously guard this treasure against any visitors.

    If you are able to best a wyvern in combat, you can wield this enchanted weapon or don the ensorcelled armor. It will be imbued with the strength of one of the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth or Air.

    The Elements of Magic

    Water, Fire, Earth, Air
    Each magic element has its strength and its weakness: Water extinguishes Fire, Fire scorches Earth, Earth smothers Air, and Air scatters Water.

    If you use a piece of magic equipment of one type against a monster that is weak to it, that equipment will be much more powerful. However, if you try to use a magic equipment against a monster that is strong against it, it will be a great deal less effective.

    Entering the Game

    The first time you play WyvernQuest, you'll need to create a new character. This is as simple as entering a name and password and choosing a few appearance-related options. As you play, your character is saved whenever you enter towns or leave towns. This stores your character's location, experience level, equipment and magic equipment, but this does not store the current gold and experience points you've gathered.

    When you're done playing, it's important to use the "logout" link to stop; this will make sure your character is saved if you are in town, or if you have unsaved accomplishments and are not in town, it will warn you about quitting now. Note: only half your gold and exp are saved when you logout; if you have a lot of experience, you'll be warned of this before you logout.

    When you return, you can login using your character's name and password.

    Game Interface

    Click on the various parts of the interface for more details:

    The Game Window
    Country Position, Name & Difficulty Level The Basic Map The Basic Map The World Map The World Map Your Name, Experience Points, Gold, and Experience Level Your Picture Your Offense & Defensive Strengths, and Hitpoints Messages Messages
    A. Country Name & Difficulty Level

    Country Parts
    The world of WyvernQuest is divided into countries. Each country has a name and a difficulty level. The difficulty level determines what strength of equipment is available for purchase, and the power of the monsters you'll encounter. The further you get from the starting country of Gyraeallan, the greater the difficulty level of the countries you will find.

    Each country is 3 basic maps wide and 3 basic maps tall. For example, when the game starts you are in the Central map of Gyraeallan. If you were to leave that map to the East, you'd be in East Gyraeallan. If you then leave that map to the North, you'd be in North East Gyraellan. If you were to then leave that map to the North or East, you'd be in one of two different countries (in the South East or North West corners of them, respectively).

    B. The Basic Map

    Basic Map
    You start the game in a town Town  You are surrounded by the wilderness, which may be Forest Forest, Desert Desert, Plains Plains, Mountains Mountains or Swamp Swamp

    There are also impassible Ponds Pond   You may even find Wyvern Lairs Wyvern Lair, where you can fight the mighty Wyverns to try to gain Magic Equipment.

    The farther from the town, the more dangerous the wilderness. The lighter colored wilderness means less dangerous, and gets more dangerous as it darkens. The more dangerous the wilderness, the more likely you are to run into monsters; however, those monsters tend to have more gold.

    You can travel from Basic Map to Basic Map by walking off any edge of the map. The World of Gyraea continues into the distance in every direction! If you've moved beyond Gyraeallan, this part of the screen will also say how many countries North, South, East or West you've traveled.

    C. The World Map

    This shows the countries you've been to during this game. It changes when you move from country to country.

    D. Your Name, Experience Points, Gold, and Experience Level

    Name, Exp, Gold, Level
    This shows a bunch of your current information. It shows how many Experience Points you currently have (as well as how many you need to reach the next Experience Level). It also shows how much Gold you have.

    It also shows your current Experience Level, which is discussed below.

    Your Picture
    E. Your Picture

    This shows you. It is useful because it shows the armor you're wearing and the weapons you're carrying. Also, if you are hurt or badly hurt, your facial expression changes.

    If you hover the mouse over your picture's body, it describes the name and level of the equipment on that body part. There is more details on Equipment below.

    F. Your Offense & Defensive Strengths, and Hitpoints

    Offense, Defense, Hitpoints
    This shows your current Offensive Strength   your Defensive Strength   and your Hitpoints

    (For more details on how these are used, see Combat).

    G. Messages

    This tells you what's going on. It displays your options: things to buy, ways to heal, places you can move. It also tells you when you've been attacked, or how the resulting Combat is going.

    Note: while you can play WyvernQuest using only the mouse to click these links, you can also play it using only the keyboard. Whenever a letter or number is underlined, you can click that key to perform that action. When various arrow-like symbols are underlined (like < /\ > or \/ ), you can press the keyboard's arrow keys.

    There are also a couple of special notifications you'll get each time you change maps; they're discussed later under Wyverns and Magic Equipment.

    The World

    Gyraea, the world of WyvernQuest, goes on infinitely* in all directions.

    Countries, made up of a 3-by-3 arrangement of Basic Maps, are discussed above; but it's worth mentioning that you can proceed in any direction: as long as you keep moving further away from your starting country of Gyraeallan (the center of the world), you'll keep finding newer and more difficult countries.

    This also means that you can choose from at least two different countries to go to. For example, if you're south-west of Gyraeallan, you can go to a country to the south or a country to the west to find a new country 1 level more difficult. These choices of countries can be especially important when you're using Magic Equipment--so much so that it might be best to backtrack a little while to find a specific kind of country to explore.

    *: well, technically it will end, eventually due to upper limitations on numbers that can be held in memory, but it has been tested past level 10,000,000.

    Experience Levels

    Your Experience Level determines how many Hitpoints you have, and also how scary you seem to monsters: if your Experience Level is higher than your current country's Difficulty Level, monsters are slightly less likely to attack you. If your Experience Level is lower than the country's Difficulty Level, monsters are slightly more likely to attack you.

    You should note that your Experience Levels don't effect your Offensive Strength and Defensive Strength; these can only be increased by buying Equipment.


    There are 2 different kinds of equipment: Weapons, which increase your Offensive Strength    and Armor, which increases your Defensive Strength 

    The 2 different weapons you can find are the Sword and the Dagger. The 7 pieces of armor available are the Helmet, Buckler, Vambrace, Shirt, Pants, Leggings and Boots.

    Each country's towns sells a certain kind of Weapons and a certain kind of Armor. If you are in town, and they are selling a piece of equipment that is better than the equipment you are wearing, it will be listed in white. If you don't have enough gold to buy it, it will be listed in italics.

    A country's equipment has a Power Level that is 1 better than the difficulty level of the town. So, in a country that has a Difficulty Level 10, you'll be able to buy equipment of Power Level 11. If your current equipment is more powerful than a piece of equipment for sale, that equipment will be listed in a dark gray, italic font.

    However, a town on a given map in a country only sells certain pieces of equipment. While more than one town often sells the same piece of equipment, it's possible that you may need to visit every town in the country if you want all 9 different pieces of equipment!


    When you are attacked, a picture of the monster will appear next to your picture. (In much later countries, where the monster is significantly bigger than you are, another "to-scale" picture is also shown, comparing its height to yours). Their Offensive Strength, Defensive Strength and Hitpoints is shown below yours.

    When you fight monsters, you both make a two rolls: these are roughly between 1 and your respective Offensive and Defensive Strengths. Your Offensive Strength roll is compared to their Defensive Strength roll; if your Offensive Strength roll is higher than their Defensive, it reduces their Hitpoints by half that difference. Their rolls are applied to you in the same way. This continues until one of your Hitpoints drops to zero (and you or they die), or until you run away.

    Running Away

    If the combat is going against you or your just don't want to fight, you can Run Away. You roll a number between 1 and your total possible Hitpoints, whereas they roll a number between 1 and their current Hitpoints. If you roll higher, you have escaped, and are moved one square in a random direction. Otherwise, you can't attack that round, and you defend yourself at half-strength.


    If you kill a monster, you get Experience Points equal to their total possible Hitpoints, and Gold equal to a number between 1 and the average of their Offensive and Defensive Strength. As mentioned above, depending on how far you are from the current map's town, the amount of Gold you get will tend to be higher (for the darker, more dangerous areas), or lower, for the lighter, less dangerous areas.


    If you are killed, WizardGuy will Revive you and return you to the last town you had visited. Unfortunately, you lose half your Gold and Experience as a result of your untimely death.


    There are 3 ways you can regain lost Hitpoints: you can go to the Healer in towns, which will cost you Experience Points. You can also buy Food in towns. which will cost you Gold. Alternately you can Camp outside of towns, which puts you at risk of being ambushed: if a monster attacks you while you are camping, you can not attack during the first round, and you defend yourself at half-strength.

    The Experience Points cost of healing, and the Gold cost of eating, increases in countries with higher Difficulty Levels. The "cost" of Camping doesn't increase, but being ambushed by a stronger monster is of course a bigger problem! However, all of these basic methods restore 10% of your total possible Hitpoints.

    If you have lost more than half of your Hitpoints, you can also get a Greater Heal instead of a normal Healing, or you can Feast instead of eating. This returns 50% of your hitpoints, and only costs four times the amount that a normal healing or meal costs--so it's like buying 4 and getting 1 free.


    When you enter a country that has a Wyvern in it, you'll get a warning message telling you that the Wyvern is flying overhead. However, the Wyvern can only be fought in its tower Wyvern Lair which is in one of the 9 maps in the country. Keep an eye on the wording of the Wyvern message, though--if you are near to the map with the tower in it, the message will change.

    Wyverns are quite a bit more powerful than normal monsters and they are not effected by the extra effects of magic equipment, but you fight them in the same way as normal monsters. If you run away, the Wyvern will have fully healed itself by the time you return.

    If you manage to defeat a Wyvern, you can take the piece of Magic Equipment it is guarding. It will function like a normal piece of equipment (a sword, buckler, helmet, etc), except it is charged with the power of one of the four Elements: Fire, Earth, Water or Air. This means it will work better against some monsters, and worse against other monsters. If you're fighting a Wyvern in a country that isn't a Forest, the Magic Equipment the Wyvern is guarding will work well against the monsters of that country; otherwise the Element of the Magic Item is determined randomly.

    Magic Equipment

    Water, Fire, Earth, Air
    There are 4 Elements of Magic: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Each magic element has its strength and its weakness: Water extinguishes Fire, Fire scorches Earth, Earth smothers Air, and Air scatters Water.

    In all countries but Forest countries, the monsters belong to one of the four elements. Swamp monsters are aligned with Water, beasts dwelling in the Desert worship Fire, creatures on the Plains follow the element of Earth, and the things that call the Mountains home owe their loyalty to Air.

    Magic Equipment makes a piece of equipment one and a half times more effective against monsters that are vulnerable to its element, but only half as effective against monsters whose element beats the equipment's. Wyverns themselves are not effected by the elemental charms of any magic equipment.

    If you are using Magical Equipment and you enter a country whose monsters are effected by that Magic Equipment, a message will be displayed. Your Offensive Strength and Defensive Strength will also show up as higher or lower because of this magic (for reference, your actual Offensive and Defensive Strengths are shown in light gray).

    Magic Equipment

    Magic Equipment is shown in your picture by the appropriately-colored magic gem being shown on that piece of equipment. You can also hover your mouse over the piece of equipment to see its full name (which includes the element's name).

    Whenever you would gain or lose Magic Equipment (by killing a Wyvern to get a new piece of magic equipment, or buying a new piece of equipment that would replace a Magic piece of equipment), you are asked to confirm that you really want to take/buy the new equipment or not.

    Note that in Magic Equipment, opposites don't attract: if you mix Elements from across the Elemental Wheel (Fire and Air, or Water and Earth), you're in trouble:  your Fire magic will work against Earth enemies, but your Air magic will be weak against Earth enemies; similarly your Air magic will work against Water enemies, but your Fire magic will be weak against Water enemies. You'll never be able to gain strength from one kind of magic without losing strength from the other. If you're about to get a new piece of Magic Equipment that conflicts with other equipment you're using, you'll get an extra warning when you're asked to confirm you want the magic equipment (you may still want to take it, then just replace any conflicting items).

    Magic Equipment is like normal equipment in that it has a Power Level, and will eventually become obsolete: while that Power Level 12 Sword of Water works very well against the Fire-based monsters in the desert, if you can't find a desert country and all the rest of your equipment is Power Level 15, you may eventually want to buy a better sword. Worse yet, if you need to go through a mountain country, its Air monsters will be resistant to your Water magic; it may be time to replace the sword.

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