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# NameCountryLevelBest WeaponBest ArmorMagicBest Skill
176LaverneBynkam (C 10)13Tonxil Sword (L 11)Nalnykon Pants of Fire (L 11)1 Fire
Deep Easterner
Last saved:    February 18 '07, 10:50pm EST
177RononkulusAhirlurlun (C 10)20Tonxil Sword (L 11)Nalnykon Shirt (L 11)noneThrust: 12%
Deep Southerner
Last saved:    December 15 '07, 1:01am EST
178ShadowfallGoalyton (C 11)13Alyzxit Mace (L 12)Xilar Shield (L 12)noneThrust: 7%
Last saved:    December 10 '07, 8:35pm EST
179HakamadareRahguhshire (C 10)12Lemrian Sword (L 10)Nalnykon Vambrace (L 11)noneParry, Thrust, Ambush, Brutality, Tirelessness, Wariness: 3%
Last saved:    April 06 '08, 3:03pm EST
180JohnatthebarAinrihton (C 10)10Lemrian Dagger (L 10)Xilar Helmet (L 12)noneAmbush: 8%
Last saved:    August 05 '07, 2:56pm EST
181SammieBahgal (C 10)12Tonxil Axe (L 11)Nalnykon Shirt (L 11)nonenone
Deep Easterner
Last saved:    May 04 '07, 2:27pm EST
182DonkeyGehnarshire (C 10)12Lemrian Dagger (L 10)Nalnykon Leggings (L 11)nonenone
Last saved:    April 03 '07, 9:13pm EST
183WillBynkam (C 10)13Lemrian Sword (L 10)Nalnykon Leggings (L 11)nonenone
Deep Easterner
Last saved:    April 03 '07, 12:27pm EST
184FredNapllet (C 10)12Tonxil Dagger (L 11)Xilar Vambrace (L 12)1 Fire
Northerner with Eastern leanings
Last saved:    March 17 '07, 3:46pm EST
185SounisAarrshire (C 9)12Lemrian Sword (L 10)Teralyzous Shirt (L 10)noneThrust: 11%
Southerner with Eastern leanings
Last saved:    November 15 '08, 5:17pm EST
186GaiaaHermel (C 9)12Lemrian Sword (L 10)Teralyzous Shirt (L 10)noneThrust, Escape, Wariness: 5%
Westerner with Northern leanings
Last saved:    March 18 '08, 8:55pm EST
187Carb LoadNymmoalshire (C 9)14Tonxil Axe (L 11)Nalnykon Pants of Fire (L 11)1 Fire
Deep Westerner
Last saved:    May 06 '07, 9:28pm EST
188LORDPNBNymmoalshire (C 9)11Lemrian Sword (L 10)Teralyzous Pants of Fire (L 10)1 Fire
Deep Westerner
Last saved:    March 02 '07, 4:32pm EST
189KeodaMammem (C 9)10Kacenium Dagger (L 9)Teralyzous Pants of Air (L 10)1 Air
Thrust: 5%
Deep Easterner
Last saved:    December 10 '09, 9:47pm EST
190AzurakMihkem (C 9)11Lemrian Sword (L 10)Teralyzous Shirt (L 10)1 Fire
Thrust: 6%
Last saved:    November 25 '07, 5:23am EST
191CrackheadHurmyal (C 10)12Tonxil Dagger (L 11)Nalnykon Boots (L 11)nonenone
Last saved:    April 04 '07, 12:03am EST
192MxrobHurmyal (C 10)9Lemrian Dagger (L 10)Teralyzous Buckler (L 10)nonenone
Last saved:    April 03 '07, 1:46pm EST
193HelpdiniNymmoalshire (C 9)12Nyhalymnium Sword (L 8)Alymtnium Shirt (L 9)nonenone
194FloonMihkem (C 9)13Tonxil Axe (L 11)Nalnykon Shield of Air (L 11)1 Air
Thrust: 5%
Last saved:    September 21 '11, 10:42am EST
195Ffreak3Gylnagshire (C 9)11Kacenium Spear (L 9)Teralyzous Shield (L 10)noneParry, Thrust, Carouse: 5%
Deep Southerner
Last saved:    September 01 '09, 8:35am EST
196MOOORinelan (C 9)11Lemrian Mace (L 10)Nalnykon Shirt (L 11)noneParry: 7%
Southerner with Western leanings
Last saved:    May 22 '08, 4:08pm EST
197Mighty_RedMoggip (C 9)13Lemrian Sword (L 10)Teralyzous Shirt (L 10)noneAmbush: 10%
Last saved:    August 03 '10, 4:30am EST
198JohnnyAyalbual (C 9)11Lemrian Dagger (L 10)Teralyzous Shirt (L 10)noneParry, Tirelessness: 3%
Deep Northerner
Last saved:    July 21 '09, 3:11pm EST
199Jdbender66Mihkem (C 9)8Kacenium Mace of Fire (L 9)Teralyzous Shirt (L 10)1 Fire
Thrust: 5%
Last saved:    August 29 '07, 12:24am EST
200GoatfishMepb (C 8)9Kacenium Mace (L 9)Alymtnium Shirt (L 9)nonenone
Northerner with Western leanings
Last saved:    May 04 '07, 2:02am EST
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