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# NameCountryLevelBest WeaponBest ArmorMagicBest Skill
476BrandonGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    February 02 '10, 11:44pm EST
477CockGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)Alyhe Shield (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    September 09 '09, 9:31am EST
478FertoGyraeallan (C 1)2Xackez Sword (L 2)Alyhe Shirt (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    September 25 '08, 2:38pm EST
479LeamasGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)Alyhe Shield (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    August 28 '08, 4:50pm EST
480AllanGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    June 28 '08, 2:17am EST
481MasterOfAllGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)Alyhe Helmet (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    June 03 '08, 9:08pm EST
482Grell6954Gyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)Alyhe Shield (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    February 01 '08, 10:31pm EST
483TyirGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    November 24 '07, 2:44pm EST
484SauceGyraeallan (C 1)2Xackez Sword (L 2)No Shirt (L 1)noneEscape: 1%
Last saved:    November 02 '07, 8:03am EST
485SsjGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    October 26 '07, 11:39pm EST
486StuatGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)Alyhe Vambrace (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    October 23 '07, 10:04pm EST
487EmpyGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    October 12 '07, 6:26pm EST
488VolneGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    September 30 '07, 11:30pm EST
489HatsukariGyraeallan (C 1)2Xackez Sword (L 2)Alyhe Shield (L 2)noneParry: 1%
Last saved:    June 27 '07, 3:14am EST
490SvengaliGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    May 11 '07, 11:54pm EST
491Alienkid999Gyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)Alyhe Leggings (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    May 09 '07, 6:45pm EST
492AaronGyraeallan (C 1)1Xackez Sword (L 2)Alyhe Shield (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    April 29 '07, 8:16pm EST
493DekarGyraeallan (C 1)2Xackez Sword (L 2)Alyhe Vambrace (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    April 29 '07, 5:03pm EST
494RomelesterGyraeallan (C 1)2Xackez Sword (L 2)Alyhe Shirt (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    April 13 '07, 6:14pm EST
495AskenderothGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    April 09 '07, 5:28pm EST
496HoxidGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    April 07 '07, 9:49pm EST
497AluxaGyraeallan (C 1)2Xackez Sword (L 2)Kezxaznium Helmet (L 3)nonenone
Last saved:    April 05 '07, 3:56pm EST
498BobGyraeallan (C 1)2Xackez Dagger (L 2)Alyhe Leggings (L 2)nonenone
Last saved:    April 03 '07, 1:24pm EST
499GhjfxghjGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    April 03 '07, 1:11pm EST
500AzureGyraeallan (C 1)1No Sword (L 1)No Shirt (L 1)nonenone
Last saved:    April 03 '07, 12:10pm EST
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