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my latest auto-generated RPG idea--
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Wed Jan 16 15:22:12 2008
a send-up of the old (early) Final Fantasy formula -- the theory is that games like Final Fantasy 1 could be written by a computer:
granted, the dialogue might not be too sharp at the beginning...but you could make it infinately long! & the desire for an Infinately Long Final Fantasy 1 was what caused me to start thinking about building this game in the first place.
Thu Feb 21 19:55:47 2008
That's probably interesting.
But for those of us who are less properly inclined, what does that mean, other than "we can add more content"?
Mon Mar 10 02:08:48 2008
that sounds really interesting. as much time as I've sunk into this, I could probably spend a dozen times the length playing that; especially if you had a customizable party like ff1!
Mon Mar 10 16:45:26 2008
Yeah, there are more difficult parts of making an infinately-long FF1-esque game ("locking" various parts of the world map until you get gear that lets you cross it -- bridges being built, boats, canoes, airships; some vague plot & villian's speaches; attack and defense spells), but the battle mechanics (ie, the numbers that get crunched to see if you hit/for how much, given a character type of level X with weapon of level Y & armor of level Z..) would be simpler -- or at least simpler than trying to add magic into WyvernQuest without destroying its balance!

I'm going to try to spend some time thinking about this -- basically each part would need to be developed separately, but it should be possible to test out some of the basic melee battle mechanics before too long.
Sun Mar 16 21:33:08 2008
I'm doing some work on this again -- at least enough where it can do the mechanics of combat (not including any magic yet).

I'm not dis-satisfied with how the Level 1 Character's stats will work, but I need a better way to come up with enemy's stats (currently they're not too bad for the first kind of generic underpowered monsters one would fight, but should have less hitpoints)
Mon Apr 21 02:16:11 2008
looking forward to it.
Tue Jul 15 12:50:12 2008
I've been thinking about this again - maybe I'll mess with world-map generation. It would be pretty cool to see it repeatedly create rough maps with appropriate "locks" (like, 'ocean is locked til you get a boat' kind of stuff)
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