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Overkill? >.>
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Sat Dec 29 23:34:55 2007
Sun Dec 30 00:00:12 2007
Oh, are you just cheating now? :)
Sun Dec 30 09:15:45 2007
Well, I got bored and decided to look around in the source code, found a few things and well, you can see the result :p
You might want to fix that sometime :p
Sun Dec 30 11:29:39 2007
Yeah, I guess levelling is probably the easiest cheat.

I didn't realize until recently that, in this Greasemonkey & bookmarklet world, any javascript is pretty much open season; this is a shame, because by doing all the combat & stuff on the client-side, it allows people to play for hours at the cost of very little bandwidth.. though, really, if there's any javascript that does stuff, without server hits, it'll always be hackable; but I can make instant leveling harder!
Thu Jan 3 11:05:34 2008
basically I'll probably end up putting in more safeguards that'll a) make cheating harder, & b) make it easier to identify cheating. Then cheaters will be flagged so they don't show up on the Who list (so, cheat all you want, just don't expect to see yourself in the high scores :) )
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