viewer #2675 this thing on?
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Sun Sep 16 11:24:47 2007
It should be working now.
Sun Oct 7 22:41:10 2007
I am very sad that WQ took such a hard hit from bad luck. :-( I've known it's been a mess for a while, but I just now posted. I miss you, Lefticus.
Wed Oct 10 14:29:38 2007
Thanks Slade! It's getting a second wind of late, which is kinda neat, partially cuz Polymorph is just a link to this page ;)

It makes me mull starting to do some coding on this again. It would be Really awesome to have Towns be their own little sub-maps, containing both Stores (& quick keystrokes that would jump you right to the stores) & townspeople with the standard variety of pointless gossip & the occasional tip on what kinds of countries are nearby.
Wed Oct 10 18:52:08 2007
Well, if you need some help working on the code, I can be a grunt, though it would take me a little bit to get up to speed because I don't have a lot of Javascript experience, just Perl, Python, Java, C++, C#, and ActionScript 2. All of which are, of course, rather different from those wacky web-based programming languages.

Either way, I am very eager for the next update to WQ! :-) Town maps would be cool. I'd also love a dungeon or two with some cool new treasures in them. And definitely antidote potions.
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