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Hello, new players!
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Fri Aug 8 13:15:49 2008
I've noticed a few new players in the last couple of days and I just thought I'd say "hi"

I haven't done any development on WyvernQuest for a long time, but I have done some planning out of a new game, where you play as a mad scientist. When its ready for some betatesting, I'll let you guys know.
Fri Aug 8 17:01:45 2008
hi, im new!
Wed Aug 13 04:19:41 2008
Hi, I'm not new, but I'll be more than willing to play your mad scientist game when it comes out >:3
Wed Apr 22 22:43:26 2009
Hello (again) new players! Again, it's nice to see some new people stoppin' by -- let me know what you think!
Thu Dec 3 10:46:53 2009
Hey, it's good to see some new players showing up.. Let me know what you think!
Thu Dec 10 04:54:32 2009
thanks, ive enjoyed it so far and i left a couple of suggestions in the
chatroom thing
Thu Dec 10 09:23:52 2009
uh-oh... I don't know where the chatroom is anymore, I think I tried to turn it off.
Thu Dec 10 13:30:23 2009
...but I'm glad you're enjoying it! I found it pretty playable for all its low-tech-ness.
Thu Dec 10 23:49:32 2009
yea me too its pretty addicting, i tried posting a link to it on my facebook but i don't think anyone checked it out

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