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Thu Mar 6 06:00:01 2008
I forgot my password!

Is there any hope for me, or am I doomed?

and to think, I climbed all the way up to #51 in such a short span of time.... life's so cruel.

Lefty; if there's any way you can help, I put the e-mail I can be contacted at in my character profile. I'd like to play again sometime, if there's any possible way to save my character. if not; then, well, it was certainly fun while it lasted!

Thu Mar 6 09:03:28 2008
Hi, thanks for playing!

I'll email you what i've reset your password to; I've always meant to make an automatic "email me my password" option (assuming a user entered an email address), I just never got around to it!
Mon Mar 10 02:04:48 2008
thanks again lefty; I'm really enjoying the game. it's like dragon quest 1, with less grinding, lol.

or, at least the grinding is about equal to the exploration; instead of having a tiny map, but every bridge plunging you into much dealier territory, you have an endless map, with each section slightly harder than the last
Mon Mar 10 10:40:33 2008
Thanks! Yep, its pretty addictive in its silly little way. It was originally conceived of as a "spoof" of endless online games (like is a spoof of everquest) -- but as a playable spoof, its kind of fun :)
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